Multiple domains and Server Redundancy

Andrew Hodgetts aphodget at
Mon Nov 19 21:10:57 EST 2007


I'm currently using SendMail and Cyrus, but have hit two problems and 
would greatly appreciate any help

1) The server needs to accept the mail for multiple domains and all 
hosts on those domains.
    eg   acct at, acct at, acct at, 
acct at
           all need to be delivered to the acct account on the server.

   I currently have this working fine for the multiple domains, just not 
when a host is added to the mix

2) I have people from 3 locations around the globe using the mail 
server, and it would be good from a redundancy and performance 
perspective to have the mail boxes duplicated to servers is all three 
locations. Does cyrus have a mechanism for this?


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