Setting the location of proc independent of configdir

Vincent Fox vbfox at
Thu Nov 15 13:07:18 EST 2007

I've been running this in production:

mkdir /var/imap-proc
chown cyrusd /var/imap-proc
ln -s /var/imap-proc /var/cyrus/imap/proc

Setup vfstab entry for /var/imap-proc as TMPFS , and
that's about all there is to it.  But yeah it would be an
improvement to see it configurable.

Ian G Batten wrote:
> I was interested to see someone suggesting putting proc into tmpfs.   
> That's slightly painful if /var/imap is in ZFS: the order in which  
> mounts take place means you can't just put /var/imap/proc tmpfs into / 
> etc/vfstab if /var/imap is coming in through ZFS.  A glance at the  
> source code says that proc is hardwired to be configdir/proc.  Would  
> it be worth considering making procdir: a configuration option, so  
> that it can easily be put somewhere which isn't under configdir:?   
> Indeed, for a lot of people, just shoving it in /tmp/cyrusproc would  
> be a good option.
> ian
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