Collaboration replacement via Toltec/Bynari (was How many people to admin a Cyrus system?)

Joon Radley joon at
Thu Nov 15 07:05:43 EST 2007

Hi Ian,

> > In IMAP this gets a bit blurred as the INBOX is also
> > the mechanism for receiving new mail.
> No, an INBOX is simply a mailbox. It's a place that you can deliver email
> to, and read email from. With the right delivery agent, it's possible to
> deliver email to any mailbox, so there's nothing particularly special
> about the INBOX except that it's the default mailbox.

Yes it is a mailbox and there for part of the mail store. It is also part of
the transport mechanism, when the mail is received. So it has a dual

I define transport of mail as both the sending and receiving of mail.

> So, now we have to say "In POP3 this gets a bit blurred as the Outlook
> inbox is also a mechanism for receiving new mail". Heck, wherever you
> read the email, it got delivered there by some means.

Yes, but crucially the mail passes through the new mail mechanism of Outlook
before being delivered. 

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