Replication: problems with synctest

Scott M. Likens damm at
Wed Nov 14 19:23:08 EST 2007

Hi Rich,

That truly depends on how your Unixlike (Linux) handles the package.  If 
you're using a rpm, you may want to look into using a SRPM the next time 
and tweek the .spec file so it does not try and pull in ntlm and otp and 

That's one thing I dislike about most package management systems.  
Instead of letting you decide what you want, they pull in every option 
it can. 


That, or when you upgrade you can upgrade using a source tarball to 
upgrade.  Then you can disable gssapi, otp and ntlm to ensure they don't 
come back.


Rich Wales wrote:
> It looks like my problem with replication not working in one direction
> was a SASL thing.  One of my servers was advertising GSSAPI as an
> authentication mechanism, but it didn't really work (I don't have
> Kerberos installed on my systems).  Apparently, sync_client on the
> other box was deciding to use GSSAPI, but was giving up because it
> wasn't actually functional.
> I fixed the problem by moving the libgss* libraries out of the SASL2
> library directory.
> While I was at it, I also moved the libntlm* and libotp* libraries
> out of the SASL2 library directory, since I'm not using either of
> these authentication methods either.
> I'm mildly concerned that a future software upgrade might cause these
> libraries to reappear.  Is there a more reliable way to disable SASL
> authentication mechanisms, other than removing files from the library
> directory?

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