OT: Re: How many people to admin a Cyrus system?

Scott M. Likens damm at yazzy.org
Wed Nov 14 16:20:31 EST 2007

I looked into using NotifyLink with Zimbra.  The cost was a bit heavy, 
and the only option for us would have been them hosting it.  (We did 
not/would not have any Windows Servers/Desktops to run the software). 

However luckily my Manager refused to run any software that did not 
offer a 'linux solution'.  To quote his exact words "No Linux, No 
sale."... I spoke to someone who had been using NotifyLink with Cyrus 
for a bit later on, and he said it was initially bumpy but eventually it 
more or less worked better then the Blackberry Internet Service client.

... afterwards I never heard from NotifyLink again.  I imagine their 
software was just not that portable.


Rob Banz wrote:
> After trying consilient, and becoming very frustrated with it, we went
> with a vendor called NotifyLink for our wireless devices.  Their  
> product worked well with our crackberrys & palms, integrating with  
> Cyrus and Oracle Calendar.
> -rob

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