OT: Re: How many people to admin a Cyrus system?

Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Tue Nov 13 23:20:07 EST 2007


> This was quite some time ago, around the first release of their 2.x
> product IIRC. It was the outlook connector that would save all calendar
> entries from outlook to the IMAP server as binary messages, whereas the
> Horde web front end saved the entries in xml, so Cyrus was at least
> able
> to search them. So if you tried to access through Horde a calendar from
> an Outlook user, it was basically inoperable, as the webclient had to
> download the entire calendar mailbox, parse the binaries, sort them,
> then display them. Useless for anything more than a hundred entries or
> so...


All the Outlook plug-ins for Kolab now support the Kolab-XML format. KDE
Kontact already supports Kolab-XML and Horde will support the format in
Kolab 2.2 (coming soon TM - points finger at Gunnar). So you will have a
choice of 3 commercial Outlook plug-ins, one very reasonably priced, and
native Linux and a web clients.

We also have a migration tool from MS Exchange to Kolab, mail and groupware
objects like calendars, contacts, tasks, etc., still in beta.


Kolab might just be worth another look. http://www.kolab.org/

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