Replication: problems with synctest

Rich Wales richw at
Tue Nov 13 19:40:13 EST 2007

My earlier problem with "synctest" turned out to be caused by my not
specifying an authentication name ("-a" argument on the command line).
Since I didn't have an "-a" argument, "synctest" apparently decided
to use my account name (from the USER environment variable?) as the
authentication name -- which was definitely not what I wanted.

I figured this out by decoding my "AUTHENTICATE PLAIN" base64 string
and noticing my own account name included there, even though I was
trying to log in as "admin".

When I started using commands with both -u and -a, such as this . . .

            synctest -u admin -a admin -m plain whodunit

. . . my "synctest"s started working just fine.

However, sync_client on one of my servers (flipflop) is still unable
to connect to sync_server on the other server (whodunit).

I've been adding a bunch of syslog() calls to backend.c and
saslclient.c, in an attempt to get "sync_client" to explain what
is going on.  So far, all I can determine is that the call to
sasl_client_start(), near the top of saslclient(), in saslclient.c,
is failing with a SASL_FAIL returned value.  I'm not sure why, yet.

Replication syncing in the other direction (whodunit to flipflop)
works just fine.  Remember, what I'm trying to do here is to set up
replication going both ways between a pair of servers.

This is 2.3.9, BTW.

Any ideas welcome.

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