OT: Re: How many people to admin a Cyrus system?

Zachariah Mully zmully at smartbrief.com
Tue Nov 13 16:29:07 EST 2007

On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 14:29 -0500, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

> Never had a corrupt PST using ZideLook (the Outlook plugin for
> OpenGroupware).  Make sue they provide a *real* MAPI provider for
> outlook and not some background sync thingy (as several Open Source
> Outlook connectors do or at least did).

I'll have to give OGo a shot again, when I tested it, their connector
was still alpha-alpha quality. Any other data on your OGo install
(number of users, clients, etc.) that you'd be willing to part with?
I've been lucky to avoid the hellhole of exchange, but we've started
hiring more people from larger companies who can't understand why we
don't have it. Then I ask them how often they lost email or didn't have
email, they usually tell me "frequently" or "several times, for over a
week", and I get to tell them that in 7 years we've only had one
unplanned email outage during business hours which I think lasted an
hour... And that was when I bolloxed something ;)

> Yep,  the Kolab architecture goes in the "what are you, nuts?" column.

Good to hear someone else thought so as well...

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