Replication: does it work in both directions?

Rich Wales richw at
Mon Nov 12 17:34:23 EST 2007

Bron Gondwana wrote:

> [A mailbox list on the sync_client command line] works fine as a
> one-off, but not for rolling, because rolling reads the log.


> That said, only users who have had any actions on that server will
> create log entries.

Interesting.  This actually suggests that I might be able to get away
with setting up two Cyrus servers to replicate to each other (i.e.,
each server would play master and treat the other as its replica) --
as long as all activity for any one given user takes place on just
one of the servers.

This requirement might well be impossible to meet in an environment
with shared mailboxes . . . but I don't have any shared mailboxes in
my setup, so I shouldn't need to worry about that.

"All activity for any one given user" would presumably have to include
initial delivery -- i.e., I would have to configure my Postfix to send
each user's mail to be delivered on the Cyrus server where he/she will
be reading his/her mail.  But I can do that.

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