Replication: sync_client -r dies

Wesley Craig wes at
Sun Nov 4 21:37:47 EST 2007

The log files are pretty obvious in what they say, e.g., they just  
list mailboxes or users to check.  So I suspect they would reveal to  
you which mailboxes are problematic.  I sort of assume that you're  
running sync_client with -l, otherwise it doesn't log much.  If it's  
run with -l, it should mention the action that preceded the problem.


On 04 Nov 2007, at 20:36, Rich Wales wrote:
> I currently have absolutely no idea as to what is causing sync_client
> to bail out, or which mailbox(es) or other factors may be causing it.
> The only other possible piece of evidence I'm aware of might be the
> log files left over in my /cyrus/config/sync directory.  If I were to
> post these or send them to you, is there a chance this might reveal
> anything?

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