Cyrus/postfix troubles

Zoran Kikic lists at
Sat May 26 23:20:10 EDT 2007

> # cyradm --user cyrus --auth login localhost

I'm running cyrus in a FreeBSD jail and spent many nights with cyradm..
The special "problem" in a FBSD jail is the hostname...

However this works for me:
My (jail's) hostname is a fqdn:

I create the sasl db:
saslpasswd2 -f /etc/sasldb2 -u hostname.domain.tld -c cyrus

add a sasl user:
saslpasswd2 -f /etc/sasldb2 -u domain.tld -c myfirstuser at domain.tld
                                ^^^without hostname!

My imapd.conf:
defaultdomain: domain.tld
servername: domain.tld
loginrealms: domain.tld

cyradm --user cyrus --server domain.tld
                              ^^^without hostname!

mailbox of myfirstuser:
cm user/myfirstuser at domain.tld
setquota user/myfirstuser at domain.tld 1000000
sam user/myfirstuser at domain.tld cyrus all

This might looking curious but it's the one and only way to get cyrus 
running in a jail. I hope this helps you somehow.


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