backup imapd with TSM

Matthew Elson melson at
Fri May 25 09:32:14 EDT 2007

Eric Luyten wrote:
> Matt Elson writes :
>> We restore the given mailbox( or mailboxes) underneath a heading called 
>> "restored", subscribe the user to it, ...
> How ?   (the 'subscribe' part, I mean)
> It cannot be done from within cyradm and tampering with 
> the <user>.sub file works but is rather messy.

Is it not available in cyradm?  On my install (2.2.13) it seems to be...

subscribe, sub                    subscribe to a mailbox

I've never used it, but I'd imagine you just have to be logged in as the 
correct user.

Instead of using cyradm we've got a script that uses the 
Cyrus::IMAP::Admin module.  It basically (and I always confuse which is 
which, apologies) logs in as our cyrus administrator but authorizes as 
the user in question and then subscribes to the given mailbox.

Cyrus::IMAP::Admin isn't even strictly necessary; you should be able to 
do it with any sort of IMAP module/client that supports that whole 
user/auth thing and the necessary mechanisms.


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