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mumbled on 24. Mai 2007 16:51:39 +0200 regarding backup imapd with TSM:

> Does anyone actually backup and restore Cyrus IMAPd with Tivoli Storage
> Manager (TSM)?

yes, one of our backups schemes is that one. We also use Cyrus 2.3's =

unexpunge and the flashcopy feature our SAN system offers.

> As far as my backup admin told me, the restore tool only shows file
> names, I cannot see file content.


> So if user comes and tells
> "I lost my email x from user y, which arrived 2 weeks ago."
> I (obviously) cannot ask him about the filename. And cannot search the
> backup store for user b's email address. :(

So? I don't see the problem. We only offer the service to IMAP users. POP =

users are on their own. If they don't back up, too bad. So if you know the =

date, you just get all files from that date back, excepting files that are =

already there. The numbers are strictly ascending and aren't reused, so =

it's safe to just restore those that aren't already there. Worst case the =

user will have a day's worth of spam to go through. Just don't forget to =

run reconstruct ...
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