Impossible migration from 2.0.16 to 2.2.12 ?

Bernard FRIT bernard.frit at
Thu May 17 05:21:03 EDT 2007

I'm trying to migrate an old cyrus-imap 2.0.16 server to a new 2.2.12 one.

I think everything is correctly configured as the new box is working fine :
- ldap authentication is ok
- postfix mail transport is ok
- webmin mailboxes administration is ok
- imap client connection is ok

So I'm using imapsync to migrate all the mails from the old box to the
new one and unfortunately I got tons of complains from imapsync (in
fact imapd) as :
+ Copying msg #21:5314 to folder INBOX
flags from : [\Seen NonJunk][]
199 NO Message contains invalid header
 at ./imapsync line 1173
Couldn't append msg #21 (Subject:[Site d=?ISO-8859-1?B?6Q==?=mo du
programme de formation parentale]) to folder INBOX: 199 NO Message
contains invalid header

It seems that newer versions of cyrus-imap are much more restrictive
than older ones.

Did someone face the same kind of problem ? How was it solved ?

I'm almost ready to downgrade the new box to cyrus-imap 2.0.16. But
I'm not sure it will work with sasl2 and what about running both sasl
and sasl2 on the same box ?

Best regards,
Bernard FRIT

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