Re: Sieve vacation does not catch alias-addresses ? [auf Viren überprüft]

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Wed May 16 13:50:47 EDT 2007


On 16.05.2007, at 18:57, paul-erik.torronen at wrote:

>> I'm not sure. Maybe you have to put more than a address into brackets
>> ("addr","addr") to group them.
> What really is bothering me is that if I only have the  
> username at domain in
> the brackets, and send a message to username at domain, the rule  
> works. But
> if there is either only the firstname.lastname alias, or both
> firstname.lastname  alias and the username address, then it does  
> not work.
> So I'm thinking that I have two problems interacting, the proper  
> way to
> manage multiple addresses in the vacation filter itself (several  
> addresses
> not working), as well as (postfix) problem with the alias-managing  
> where
> the address is translated with the help of the virtual_aliases-rules.

As far as I know, sieve checks the To-Header in order to determine  
the mail was personally addresses and sends vacation notices only if  

Maybe try something like the following - this is created by a Horde Ingo
and I assume it should work:

I don't use vacation at the moment
68: # Abwesenheitsnachricht
69: if allof ( not exists ["list-help", "list-unsubscribe", "list- 
subscribe", "list-owner", "list-post", "list-archive", "list-id"],  
not header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :is "Precedence"  
"list,bulk" ) {
70:     vacation :days 7 :addresses ["baltasar DT cevc AT former03 DT  
de", "baltasar AT cevc-topp DT de] :subject "Out of office" "I'm not  
here at the moment.
71: ";
72: }

Hope that helps,

Baltasar Cevc

_____ FORMER 03 GmbH
_____ infanteriestraße 19 haus 6 eg
_____ D-80797 muenchen


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