Sieve vacation does not catch alias-addresses ? [auf Viren überprüft]

paul-erik.torronen at paul-erik.torronen at
Wed May 16 12:57:47 EDT 2007

> I'm not sure. Maybe you have to put more than a address into brackets
> ("addr","addr") to group them.

What really is bothering me is that if I only have the username at domain in
the brackets, and send a message to username at domain, the rule works. But
if there is either only the firstname.lastname alias, or both
firstname.lastname  alias and the username address, then it does not work.
So I'm thinking that I have two problems interacting, the proper way to
manage multiple addresses in the vacation filter itself (several addresses
not working), as well as (postfix) problem with the alias-managing where
the address is translated with the help of the virtual_aliases-rules.


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