creating group.<some-name>, what does it really mean

Toschi Pietro Pietro.Toschi at
Tue May 15 06:24:27 EDT 2007

Hi all
I'm experimenting with cyrus 2.2.12 configured to support UNIX namespaces a=
nd virtual domains.

Using cyradm as administrative user I issued:

localhost.localdomain> cm group/office1 at
that resulted OK, and mailbox is listed with lm.

localhost.localdomain> lam group/office1 at returns:
anyone lrs (isn't it strange? I didn't issue any sam command on that mailbo=

Now I'm wandering what I really did?

I noticed that a corresponding "group/o/office1" folder under "/storage/mai=
l/domain/d/" has been created but:

- I can't post any message to office1 at it results in an error f=
rom my MTA (postfix) saying: "<office at>: host XX.XX.XX.XX[YY.YY.=
YY.YY] said: 550-Mailbox unknown. Either there is no mailbox associated wit=
h this 550-name or you do not have authorization to see it. 550 5.1.1 User =
unknown (in reply to RCPT TO command)"

- I can't access mailbox for reading emails. I mean: having LDAP authentica=
tion and a corresponding LDAP entry for office1 at I can correctly=
 authenticate but upon selecting INBOX cyrus complains:
CLIENT: "3 select \"INBOX\"\r\n"
REAL:   "3 NO Mailbox does not exist\r\n"
(client-server transaction logs come from perdition)

- any user in domain "" is able to subscribe to "office1" folder=
 visible under "group", according with lrs ACL

- I changed to "write" the ACL of office1 for "anynone" and I verified that=
 any user in is able to copy messages to that shared folder.

Now, I am a little confused about what a "group" is compared to a tradition=
al "user"?
Can someone give some explanation please?


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