Recommend how to move 31GB of mail to a new server

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If you run one of your rsync updates just before you shutdown, the one after
will be faster because of operating system caching. I would guess just a
couple of minutes after stopping the services with a fast connection between
the servers. So fast it will be the least of your configuration issues. 

We dumped and imported mailboxes.db while the rsync was running; and in our
case, moved the service IP between servers. We preferred moving a secondary
IP because it was faster to move it back if things weren't working as they
should, and in our case with a few silly mistakes, we did quickly revert a
few times. A firewall routing change would have been nicer.

Just be careful what you sync to avoid overwriting updated DB files or
whatever if you are updating at the same time. It took us a few tries to get
the timing right and have a working system when we started the new server
and began a reconstruct. 

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On Sunday 24 June 2007 11:04, Patrick Boutilier wrote:
> > That should save considerable time as I would imagine the vast
> > majority of email would be unchanged between the first & second
> > copy.
> But unfortunately rsync will still have to scan each file to
> determine what has changed, and that can chew up a lot of time.

Yes, but hopefully less time that copying the files :)
By default it will compare mtime and size and skip files which match.

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