Postfix quota integration

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Mon Jun 11 09:03:14 EDT 2007

Omni Flux wrote:
> I've been using a postfix policy daemon to integrate with the current
> smmapd to perform quota checks. It has a few shortcomings: it does not
> support virtual domains as is, but I think that would be a minor
> modification, and IIRC, postfix does not pass the final username to the
> policy daemon if alias expansion occurs, however, for my uses, this
> catches nearly all cases of over quota mail.
> # Most recent version is available at

Attached patch to Omni's script introduces the ability for the policy
daemon to look up aliases from the file /etc/postfix/quota_aliases.

The alias appears on the left, with the email address to look up on the
right.  First match wins.


alias at	user1 at	user2 at

Comments are not currently recognised.  It's my first attempt at perl,
so please be gentle! :-)

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