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Ethariel ethariel at
Mon Jun 11 04:46:39 EDT 2007


I've installed cyrus-imapd (2.2.13 on MDV 2007). Sieve scripts are working
fine except 'vacation'.
User 1 has a vacation script with days: 1
User 2 sents an email to user1 it receives an answer (the correct vacation
Then after User2 can send email the same day or three days after, it will
not receive anymore automatic answer.
If I delete user1 script, and recreate a new one with another vacation
alert, then it works fine for one more mail.

The Sieve draft describes 'Day' as the period between two answers, but this
value can be bypass by 'SITE' value.
Where do I check site value ? Or are they any known bugs in 2.2.13 Sieve
implementation ?
(I've searched the archive without success).

Thks to all

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