one user folder appears under all accounts

D G Teed donald.teed at
Thu Jun 7 15:33:17 EDT 2007

I found that these are accounts which were
created in error.  Usually the accounts are named
user.XXXXXXX , while in these cases it was
a typo - one without the leading user. and the
other with usr.

Using cyradm I could set the acl on one of them
so cyrus could delete, and I deleted it.  That
is one instance resolved.

In the other case, I get back an error:

> lam usr.760401c
anyone lrs
> sam  usr.760401c cyrus lrswipcda
setaclmailbox: cyrus: lrswipcda: System I/O error

The same error is shown from cyrdel, a perl script
using IMAP::Admin to delete a mailbox.
reconstruct isn't recognized on this server, and
renaming to the conventional name fails.

Does anyone have a sugegstion on how to get
rid of this cruft?


On 6/7/07, D G Teed <donald.teed at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not super experienced with cyrus options, so I may need a pointer on
> what's up.
> We have 2 distinct cyrus servers which exhibit a problem.  On each server,
> there is a folder, which is the name of a user's mailbox, which all
> accounts have rights to.
> We don't see anything in that folder.  In one case that is because the
> mailbox no longer
> exists on cyrus, and in the other case there is no mail in it (two
> different user names
> appear on these).
> Deleting and recreating the mailbox didn't impact this issue in the second
> case where
> the mailbox exists.
> For regular imap clients, this doesn't seem to become an issue, but for
> webmail users,
> (using Horde/IMP), they can see the folder and people ask why it is there.
> Are there any suggestions how we can clean this shared folder (or whatever
> it is) up?
> Regards,
> --Donald
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