one user folder appears under all accounts

D G Teed donald.teed at
Thu Jun 7 10:36:17 EDT 2007


I'm not super experienced with cyrus options, so I may need a pointer on
what's up.

We have 2 distinct cyrus servers which exhibit a problem.  On each server,
there is a folder, which is the name of a user's mailbox, which all accounts
have rights to.

We don't see anything in that folder.  In one case that is because the
mailbox no longer
exists on cyrus, and in the other case there is no mail in it (two different
user names
appear on these).

Deleting and recreating the mailbox didn't impact this issue in the second
case where
the mailbox exists.

For regular imap clients, this doesn't seem to become an issue, but for
webmail users,
(using Horde/IMP), they can see the folder and people ask why it is there.

Are there any suggestions how we can clean this shared folder (or whatever
it is) up?


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