problem with virtualdomain

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Tue Jun 5 06:23:57 EDT 2007

JOYDEEP wrote:
> but the problem is it can't create the mail box automatically. I have
> providewd the cyrus admin called"cyrus" and password to
> the email admin so that during creation of a  new user it also creates
> an imap account for that user too.

Does it work for virtdomains: userid ?  What is the exact problem?  Post
the relevant part of your logs.

> but that auto-imap creation is not working here. I have to manually do
> "cm user/username at every time.

Alternatively, try the UoA autocreate patch -

You don't specify which version you're using or how you installed it.
However, if you've used a binary install this patch may have already
been included - try enabling some of the config options and testing.


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