folder unreadable

Maria McKinley maria at
Thu Dec 13 01:56:32 EST 2007

Jeff Larsen wrote:
> On Dec 12, 2007 7:44 PM, Maria McKinley <maria at> wrote:
>> Ian G Batten wrote:
>>> I once had to delete the cyrus.* files prior to a reconstruct: they had
>>> become toxic to the point that Cyrus's attempts to make use of the
>>> information in them was causing problems.
>>> ian
>> Thanks for all of your help, after reconstructing using the syntax Alain
>> provided, I also tried removing the cyrus.* files from this folder, and
>> then reconstructing again. To no avail. He gets System I/O error when he
>> tries to access it.
>> So, I think I am down to taking the text files with the emails and
>> re-importing into a new folder somehow. But, not sure the best way to do
>> this.
> Here's what I would do: Create a new folder (perhaps with no spaces in
> the name) either using the client or cyradm. From the server OS,
> manually copy all the message files from the corrupt folder to the new
> folder. But make sure they are owned by cyrus:mail (In fact, I didn't
> see anyone ask about the file permissions prevoiusly, maybe that was
> it all along). Then do a reconstruct on the new folder. Assuming the
> client program can now see the messages, delete the corrupt folder
> from the filesystem and allow the user to rename the new folder as
> needed. Unless the mail message files themselves are corrupt, I don't
> see how this method would fail.
> Jeff

Whoopee! This finally worked. The original timestamps were all screwed 
up, so they are in random order in the new folder, but he is very 
pleased to have them back.


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