storing mail across several cyrus partitions

Artem Bokhan artist at
Thu Aug 30 09:14:52 EDT 2007

Sebastian Hagedorn пишет:
> Hi,
> --On 30. August 2007 15:31:31 +0700 Artem Bokhan <artist at> 
> wrote:
>> Can anybody estimate amount of work needed to make messages of a single
>> user (mailbox) could be stored across several cyrus partitions? Is it
>> easy to realize or some fundamental work is needed? Can anybody give
>> comments?
> I don't think that can be done. It seems to violate fundamental Cyrus 
> principles.

I'm not a programmer and I don't know the Cyrus principles/architecture 
well. I just want to understand, how difficult to do this, and if this 
possible, realize this with third party.

As I understand, Cyrus holds all meta in database, and body of messages 
on filesystem.


What if I add the information about location of each message, like 
prefix (sub-part1,sub-part2), in database?


Where the fundamental Cyrus principles are broken here?....

>> I would like to make extendable (by size) user mailboxes, but I don't
>> want to move accounts over partitions when disk space becomes low,
>> instead I want to attach new storages and store new mail there.
> Why? Moving mailboxes from one partition to another works well. I've 
> written a Perl cron job that does it whenever one partition gets over 
> 90% full.
With several gigs of mail per account this will interrupt the service...

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