can sieve script flag the whole thread?

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at
Tue Aug 28 17:34:26 EDT 2007

On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Jorey Bump might have said:

> Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> > I read the RFCs and documents I can find on the internet, it seems it's 
> > not possible for sieve to flag a thread.
> > 
> > I need such an action that not only setflag the current email, but also 
> > any other emails in the same thread in the  folder. This is useful to 
> > organize workflow in our business, each workflow is a discussion thread 
> > and if someone send an email to this thread with subject "Done",  the 
> > whole thread should be flagged or moved to another folder.
> > 
> > Being able to setflag (or move messages) for a whole thread of 
> > discussion is vital to use sieve to help us organize email, otherwise 
> > we probably wouldn't put as much information in email and try develop a 
> > web application on our own. Can this be done? Help really appreciated.
> It's an interesting idea, and I've often mused on leveraging IMAP 
> features to form the core of a trouble ticket system. However, you're 
> going to want to reevaluate the idea of having user-created email 
> content trigger events. It's fine for categorization and even some types 
> of merging, but setting a ticket's status should require an explicit 
> action to avoid unpredictable or externally influenced results.
> You will also get better compatibility among different clients if you 
> try to preserve the Subject header as much as possible.

Have a look at gnats.

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