Cyrus Auth problem

admin at admin at
Fri Aug 24 06:37:48 EDT 2007

Dear All,

I have old server with Cyrus with postfix+pam+mysql+amavis+clamv

and working fine... but i have to install cyrus and other extras on the new
server and i get some error during auth. from cyrus.

I have user in mysql username at when i login i get this error

.. login admin at 123
. NO Login failed: authentication failure


Aug 24 16:56:35 hostname cyrus/imap[5762]: badlogin: localhost []
plaintext admin at SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass

but if i change user in mysql to be only admin without working

 cyrus-sasl2- 2.1.22.dfsg

cyrus-admin- 2.2.13-10  Cyrus mail system (administration tools)
cyrus-client 2.2.13-10     Cyrus mail system (test clients)
cyrus-common 2.2.13-10  Cyrus mail system (common files)
cyrus-imapd- 2.2.13-10  Cyrus mail system (IMAP support)
cyrus-pop3d- 2.2.13-10   Cyrus mail system (POP3 support)

If you have any idea will be nice because i have to move all user from old
server soon.

10x in advance


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