recreate mail retrieved as POP

brian cyruslist at
Mon Aug 20 15:04:53 EDT 2007

Blake Hudson wrote:
> Thunderbird automatically downloads messages for pop accts into the
> "Local Folders" at the bottom of the folder list. IMAP acts have
> individual inbox, outbox, etc folders. The messages retrieved via POP
> should still be under local folders and the client can drag n' drop them
> into the IMAP folders if desired.
> Most mail clients seem to separate IMAP and POP accounts like this and
> like to require remaking an account to change between server types. So
> this does not just pertain to T-Bird.

Thanks. I'd just decided to change tack and i've informed the client how 
to attempt to retrieve the mails on the client side. This page has some 
info about that:

Recovering deleted mail accounts

I've yet to hear back from the client as to whether or not the deleted 
acct. dir is still there.


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