SQUAT config

brian cyruslist at subtropolix.org
Thu Aug 16 12:13:57 EDT 2007

Chris Mattingly wrote:
> brian wrote:
>>Yes, i see, that's to invoke it. But i'm also reading that the config 
>>must be in imapd.conf yet i've seen no example for the syntax to do so 
>>(nor what is required (or even suggested)).
>>I'm also wondering how to have squatter run against all IMAP mailboxes. 
>>Do i need to specify them all when i invoke it? Or can i get away with 
>>feeding it "/var/spool/imap" with the -r switch and hoping it will 
>>figure it out?
> I don't believe there are any squatter specific options that go into 
> imapd.conf.  I suspect that the reference you're seeing to squatter 
> reading imapd.conf (or other config referenced by -C) is simply for 
> squatter to see where the imap spool is (i.e. partition-default), and 
> possibly some other environment-specific parameters it needs to know.  
> The only options squatter takes are those specified in its man page, and 
> those would go in cyrus.conf.
> Unless you specify with via mboxcfg to not index a mailbox, or you 
> specify a single mailbox on the command line, sieve will index all 
> mailboxes by default.
> My exact cyrus.conf entry is:
>   squatter      cmd="squatter" period=180
> And all mailboxes on my (rather small) system are indexed every 3 hours.

OK, that makes perfect sense. I was thrown off by the squatter man page 
where it says "squatter gets *its* configuration options ..." and was 
expecting that to mean squatter-specific stuff, as opposed to the 
general IMAP setup.

Thanks (and to Robert as well). I'll give this a go.


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