Virtual Domains

Jarod Watkins jarod at
Sat Aug 4 20:42:01 EDT 2007

FORMER 03 | Baltasar Cevc wrote:
> Hi Jarod,
> does the stripping ocurr whichever the setting of virtdomains is?
> Setting it to userid is quite common. Is your domain.tld the
> defaultdomain? In that case, cyrus substitutes it by the hostname, if I
> remember the behaviour right. 
> You could post imapd.conf. Using lmtp, Postfix should not be to be
> blamed, I think.
> One setting that makes trouble sometimes is unixhierarchysep, it should
> be set to 1 (on) when using virtualdomains (at least when you're using
> a dot somewhere in any of the usernames.
> What's your sasl_sql_select statement. It should probably be something
> like the following config:
>    sasl_sql_hostnames: <sql_host(s)> 
>    sasl_sql_user: <sql_user>
>    sasl_sql_passwd: <pass>
>    sasl_sql_database:<db>
>    sasl_sql_select: SELECT `password` FROM `view_users` WHERE
> `email`="%u@%r";
> An option could be to test delivery with the lmtptest command which
> allows you to manually talk to cyrus lmtpd.
> Baltasar
Baltasar and David,
Thank you for your help! I never did know about the lmtptest command, 
and found out that it was cyrus who was stripping the domain from the 
email address. So I compared David's config with mine, and saw he did 
not have the loginrealms option set, which I did. After I disabled that 
option, everything worked! I can't wait to put Cyrus into production. I 
am also going to write a how to for Cyrus and virtual users, since 
documentation for Cyrus is a little on the low side. Mind if I post a 
link of it here when I get done with it and let you guys proof read it? 
Thanks again for all the help, I would still be scratching my head and 
possibly be reloading my system right now.

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