Virtual Hosting and cyrus system admin

jerry at jerry at
Fri Aug 3 09:46:22 EDT 2007

Hi All,

Three questions. 

I wish to move our mail server again, and each time in the past, about 4
times in 8 years, it has been painful. We don't have a system admin
full-time who is expert with cyrus (and exim), and on a few moves I have
recruited a few system admin people via RAC, GAF or other who had good
ratings and said they had experienced, but cyrus managed to best most of
them. My last move was just to clone the server as we had software RAID that
failed and for some reason we could not rebuild off the surviving drive, and
it took several failed attempts and many hours for that system admin to
master the applications. He, unfortunately for me, does not have time from
his new employment. So, my questions are:

Are there any known hosting locations where I could rent a running cyrus

Are there any known system admin available at a good rate to setup a server?
I can handle all of the move and our custom mail admin which uses mysql. I
just get buried with the amount you have to know with cyrus to get it

Is it reasonable to use a virtual private server for a mail server? I
particularly like the superior RAID drive setup of many VPS to the software
RAID we have been using, especially considering cost.

Thanks, Jerry

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