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Greg A. Woods woods-cyrus at
Thu Apr 12 13:40:13 EDT 2007

At Thu, 12 Apr 2007 11:32:49 -0400, Derek T. Yarnell wrote:
Subject: remove entry from deliver.db
> Is there a way to remove an entry from the deliver.db?  Like a
> spam/virus solution quarantined a message, we delivered it into the
> cyrus mailbox and user deleted it.  We tried to re-deliver the message
> and it now gets caught in the duplicate checker.

That sounds like a design flaw in your spam/virus system.

The delivery of a message to Cyrus should only ever have to happen once.
The "quarantine" area could just be another folder.

If the user accidentally deletes a message then restoring it from
backups should be no different for a message in the "Junk" folder
vs. one in any other folder, no?

Alternately the quarantine system could simply send a separate unique
notification message to the user and then only deliver the quarantined
message if the user requests it somehow.  I really don't like that idea
for many reasons though.

(In fact I don't like any kind of quarantine system -- mail should
either be accepted and delivered to the user, or it should be rejected
outright during the initial SMTP transaction so that the sender, if
legit, knows immediately that there is a problem with the message.)

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