Murder / frontend does not connect to backend

arnaud at arnaud at
Wed Apr 11 08:43:22 EDT 2007

Selon Andrew Morgan <morgan at>:

> On Sat, 7 Apr 2007, Arnaud Brugnon wrote:
> > I made the modifications but there is still no network communication
> > between frontend and backend servers.
> >
> > I was just wandering if someone succeeded in a murder setup with Debian
> > Etch and cyrus2.2 packages or if I need to give a try on the 2.3
> > release ?
> I use v2.2.13 on Debian, but it is compiled from source.  I'm not using
> the Debian packages.

I compiled v2.3.8 and used it as a drop-in replacement and it works with the
previous config (except that it needed a TLS mandatory connection with mupdate
server). Maybe it's a bug in debian Etch packages..

Thanks for your help Andy.

Arnaud Brugnon - Opensquad

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