Mailbox subscriptions in a murder

Eli Ben-Shoshan linkages at
Fri Apr 6 16:52:07 EDT 2007

Michael Sofka wrote:
> We do this with cyrus 2.2.12 (2 frontend, 1 master, 3 backend
> server) no problem.  Some of the shared mailboxes are on
> one server, while subscribers are on another.
> We run the frontend servers in proxy mode only.

Can you elaborate on "proxy mode only" mode? Here are the pertinent parts of my
cyrus.conf on the frontends:

  mupdate       cmd="mupdate" listen=2004 prefork=1
  imap          cmd="proxyd" listen="imap" prefork=0 maxchild=4096
  imaps         cmd="proxyd -s" listen="imaps" prefork=0 maxchild=4096
  pop3          cmd="pop3proxyd" listen="pop3" prefork=0 maxchild=1024
  pop3s         cmd="pop3proxyd -s" listen="pop3s" prefork=0 maxchild=1024
  sieve         cmd="timsieved" listen="sieve" prefork=0
  lmtp          cmd="lmtpproxyd" listen="lmtp" prefork=0 maxchild=64
  smmapd        cmd="smmapd" listen=2020 prefork=50


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> On Fri, 06 Apr 2007 13:55:12 EDT Eli Ben-Shoshan wrote:
> Hi all. We have a largish (~120,000 user / ~ 485,000 mailboxes) cyrus 2.2
> install that is spread across 6 frontends and 4 backends in a murder and I just
> had an interesting question that I can't seem to answer. We have a number of
> shared mailboxes that get certain types of messages such as abuse mail and spam
> reports. Recently more people wish to subscribe to these mailboxes but we have
> run into a small problem. Most of these people do not have their inboxes on the
> same backend and therefore they can not subscribe to the shared mailbox using
> their mail client. Does anyone have a workaround for this or even encountered
> this problem? I tried editing the subscription file by hand since our
> subscription_db is set to flat but that did not work. Thanks.

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