Can list mailboxes through impad. limtpd cannot

FORMER 03 | Baltasar Cevc baltasar.cevc at
Fri Apr 6 05:55:52 EDT 2007

Hi Stephen,

On 05.04.2007, at 15:01, Stephen Forster wrote:

> I am running cyrus imap 2.2 ( Debian etch package ) and have been  
> trying
> to configure it to accept connections through lmtpd tcp/ip.
> I can connect though imapd using telnet, or imtest or cyradm using the
> admin user listed in /etc/imapd.conf. In each case, the admin user is
> authenticated, and can list the mailboxes.

Are you sure, authentication works well? usually it's an  
authentication problem. You can communicate with lmtpd without  
authenticating, but you won't see the mailboxes...

I'd use lmtpd -a in cyrus.conf to test whether it's an authentication  
problem. You surely shouldn't leave that setting (preauth  
connection), but for debugging, it may be useful.


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