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Thu Sep 28 03:12:17 EDT 2006

Thanks a lot everyone for the answers!!!
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>> > su - cyrus -c "ctl_mboxlist -d" > /var/lib/imap/mboxlist.txt
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>> > but how can I recover my mailboxes from mboxlist.txt?
>> cvt_cyrusdb will build a database from the dump.
> This will only rebuild the mailbox database. You also need to back up
> all the files in the cyrus directories.
Do you mean I have to backup also /var/lib/imap?

Just another question ;-)
Working with ACLs I was able to assign rights to Cyrus users on different
mailboxes. Now I try to explain with an example.
Let's say I have a mailbox user.A and a mailbox user.B and that user A can
access (read) user.B.
Is it possible to connect Cyrus from Evolution as user A and access, with
that connection, also user.B?

Thank all of you very much!!!

Stefano C.

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