root mailbox/partition permission problem

Wil Cooley wcooley at
Fri Sep 22 14:01:36 EDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-09-21 at 19:50 -0700, Josh M.Hurd wrote:
> In the effort to set up some Shared public mailboxes I somehow managed
> to give myself read permission on the root of my mail partition.
> i have no idea how this happened but would really like to fix it.
> Currently I see all my mailboxes in my client as well as the root, in
> this case 'user/' which lists all the other users on the system.  I
> have no permissions to see in the other mailboxes but I can see the
> list of users.

It sounds like you've put your account in 'admins:' in imapd.conf.

Wil Cooley <wcooley at>
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