Steve Huston huston at
Thu Sep 21 09:27:51 EDT 2006

On 9/21/06 5:04 AM, Daniel Eckl wrote:
> Hmmm yes, I want to second that. I have often restored accidentally
> deleted mail folders from tape, copied them back into the mailbox
> structure and reconstructed the folder. I never had any issue with that...

I've only once had to reconstruct all mailboxes, but since it was at the
end of a planned downtime I left Cyrus offline while I did it.  Any
other time I've needed to reconstruct, for example because someone
deleted mails they then wanted restored from backup, I create a new
directory and dump the mails there, then reconstruct that directory.
Since the user isn't expecting the folder to be there, and Postfix isn't
going to try to deliver to it, I suspect whatever the reason for taking
Cyrus offline first will not happen (or at least hasn't happened to me
yet :> )

And since I can't tell from the filenames what a certain email contains,
the end user can go through the new folder of however-many-hundred-mails
to pick out the few they want, move them to where they want them, then
delete the rest of the folder at their leisure.

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