Jorey Bump list at
Thu Sep 21 09:02:59 EDT 2006

Daniel Eckl wrote:

> Hmmm yes, I want to second that. I have often restored accidentally
> deleted mail folders from tape, copied them back into the mailbox
> structure and reconstructed the folder. I never had any issue with that...
> Does anybody really know any drawback of reconstructing without downtime?

That's a good question. O'Reilly's "Managing IMAP" gives instructions to 
shut down Cyrus before running reconstruct, but doesn't explain why. 
That book is pretty old, however. There's nothing in the reconstruct man 
page about it, either.

Maybe the reconstruct command doesn't protect against the delivery of 
new mail while it's running, possibly resulting in more corruption? 
Also, will reconstruct interfere with idled in any way?

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