Sieve authentification (against mysql) problem

Bjoern Burger b.burger at
Wed Sep 20 02:11:49 EDT 2006

Andreas Winkelmann schrieb:
> Am Tuesday 19 September 2006 14:58 schrieb Bjoern Burger:

> -u is the Authorization-Id. -a is what you want. If you omit -a, the logged in 
> User is used, in your Case root at ... .
> $ sivtest -a cyrus server.domain.tld
> Maybe add both:
> $ sivtest -a cyrus -u cyrus server.domain.tld

Thanks, now the test is passed without errors and it says "authenticated".
I also  see the mysql query for cyrus at machinename in mysql.log.

So sieve uses the mysql database for authentification, which was not so clear for me in the past time.

> Test this, and report Errors. Check the Log on the Server, too.

Thanks, now i knew sieve works and i have to look closer to WebCyradm for the fault.

> Here is a short description for Authorization and Authentication:
I will read this and hope it helps me to finde the fault.

thank you.


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