sieve authentication

Mike Husmann husmann at
Fri Sep 15 09:13:04 EDT 2006

> Hmm, I don't see a reason, why sieve-logins from a Remote-Machine can fail.
> Except for the Remote-Machine(s) itself. You have the Server configured to
> offer "PLAIN" to the Clients. Check if the Clients have the Cyrus-SASL
> Mechanism PLAIN (libplain.*) installed.
> If PLAIN is installed, the next step would be to use a network-sniffer and
> look for the Dialog between Server and Client.

This is where things get weird..

If I do a sivtest from a remote machine, here is the result:
sivtest -a bebo -u bebo
S: "IMPLEMENTATION" "Cyrus timsieved v2.2.12"
S: "SIEVE" "fileinto reject envelope vacation imapflags notify subaddress relational
comparator-i;ascii-numeric regex"
Authentication failed. no mechanism available
Security strength factor: 0
Connection closed.

On the local machine, this works fine, and prompts for a password.  But from what
I'm seeing here, it's dropping the connection because it doesn't think there are any
auth mechs available...?

sieveshell has a similar result:
\>sieveshell -a bebo -u bebo
connecting to
unable to connect to server at /usr/bin/sieveshell line 169.
  This is different from the others that include a line about <STDIN> (password). 
Once again, the server drops the connection before it has a chance to

My /etc/pam.d/sieve looks like:
auth       required
auth       sufficient
auth       required shadow nodelay
account    required
session    required

And the strangest part of this whole deal is that it has worked flawlessly, as it is
set up now, since April.


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