sieveshell -a -u doesn't work as it should (bug?)

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Tue Sep 12 01:21:10 EDT 2006

Am Monday 11 September 2006 21:14 schrieb Andrew Morgan:

> > i have the same problem than u
> > but when i remove the LOGIN mechanism windows users can't logged anymore
> > :( is there a way to remove the LOGIN mechanism only for sieve
> > connection?
> The Cyrus-SASL docs state:
>    The LOGIN mechanism (not to be confused with IMAP4's LOGIN command) is
>    an undocumented, unsupported mechanism. It's included in the Cyrus SASL
>    distribution for the sake of SMTP servers that might want to
>    interoperate with old clients. Do not enable this mechanism unless you
>    know you're going to need it. When enabled, it verifies passwords the
>    same way the PLAIN mechanism does.
> My guess is that you may need to reconfigure your email clients to use the
> PLAIN method.  In any case, you do not want LOGIN in your sasl_mech_list.

Microsoft Outlook (Express) does not support PLAIN. There are only two 
SASL-Mechanisms in common, LOGIN and NTLM. Because of the Lack of 
Plaintext-Passwords with saslauthd, LOGIN is your choice. Even if it is 
undocumentet, unsupported, sick or whatever.


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