timsieved: Couldn't find mech PLAIN

Andreas Winkelmann ml at awinkelmann.de
Mon Sep 11 03:56:22 EDT 2006

Am Monday 11 September 2006 09:32 schrieb Sebastian Jordan:

> > > I've problems setting up sieve cyrus imapd 2.2.12.
> > > I'm using saslauthd, pam, pam_mysql for authentification.
> > >
> > > POP3 and IMAP are working without problem, but if I want to login to
> > > sieve I have get a "Couldn't find mech PLAIN"-statement in
> > > /var/log/sasl.log
> >
> > Did you check if the Cyrus-SASL PLAIN-Plugin is installed?
> The PLAIN-Plugin is installed, PLAIN-authentification using pop3 or
> imap works well.

Please show:

$ telnet localhost imap


$ telnet localhost sieve

I think the Authentification works not with "PLAIN" as Cyrus-SASL Mechanism, 
but with the IMAP-Builtin LOGIN or the POP3-Builtin USER/PASS.

So, after the above show the contents of the Cyrus-SASL Plugin Directory 
(Maybe /usr/lib/sasl2/).

> I'm checking the passwords using pam_mysql.so, the /etc/pam.d/sieve
> is the same like /etc/pam.d/pop and imap.
> I've done some tests yesterday, when i try to log in using imtest
> localhost -p 2000 -u $username i have no problem loggin in, works fine.

imtest is the IMAP-Test Utility, it is not able to "speak" SIEVE. I would be 
very interested, what you mean with "works fine". Please show the Output.

> But if I try the same using web-cyradm i got the "Couldn't find mech
> PLAIN"-stuff in my log and the login doesn't work.
> Using imtest:
> Sep 11 09:30:19 localhost imap[801]: login: localhost []
> $username plaintext User logged in

"plaintext" != Cyrus-SASL Mechanism "PLAIN"

> Using cyradm:
> Sep 11 09:24:29 localhost sieve[690]: badlogin: localhost[]
> PLAIN no mechanism available

( cyradm == IMAP ) != SIEVE

cyradm cannot handle sieve. Use sieveshell to login to sieve.

> Why I'm wonder is the fact, that imtest using imap service to
> authenticate and cyradm is using sieve...but both things are using
> port 2000 to connect to....


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