timsieved: Couldn't find mech PLAIN

Sebastian Jordan sj at bithal.de
Mon Sep 11 03:32:46 EDT 2006

On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 05:51:40PM +0200, Andreas Winkelmann wrote:
> Am Friday 08 September 2006 09:54 schrieb Sebastian Jordan:
> > I've problems setting up sieve cyrus imapd 2.2.12.
> > I'm using saslauthd, pam, pam_mysql for authentification.
> >
> > POP3 and IMAP are working without problem, but if I want to login to
> > sieve I have get a "Couldn't find mech PLAIN"-statement in
> > /var/log/sasl.log
> Did you check if the Cyrus-SASL PLAIN-Plugin is installed?

The PLAIN-Plugin is installed, PLAIN-authentification using pop3 or
imap works well.

I'm checking the passwords using pam_mysql.so, the /etc/pam.d/sieve
is the same like /etc/pam.d/pop and imap.

I've done some tests yesterday, when i try to log in using imtest
localhost -p 2000 -u $username i have no problem loggin in, works fine.

But if I try the same using web-cyradm i got the "Couldn't find mech
PLAIN"-stuff in my log and the login doesn't work.

Using imtest:
Sep 11 09:30:19 localhost imap[801]: login: localhost []
$username plaintext User logged in

Using cyradm:
Sep 11 09:24:29 localhost sieve[690]: badlogin: localhost[]
PLAIN no mechanism available

Why I'm wonder is the fact, that imtest using imap service to
authenticate and cyradm is using sieve...but both things are using
port 2000 to connect to....


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