5.1.1 User unknown bounces

Daniel Eckl deckl at nero.com
Fri Sep 8 07:59:33 EDT 2006

We handle it through a mysql db which contains all account infos.

Cyrus and postfix uses the database for IMAP and SMTP authentication,
postfix (with mysql support) uses it to check if an address exists and
to get the local user from the emailadress. This way we can handle
forwarding and aliases, too, where multiple emailadresses point to one
mailbox or multiple mailboxes or external emailadresses.

This is made very similar to this approach:

But I have to admit that I don't know if sendmail has such interfaces to
mysql or ldap and how to use it, if they are existent.


jschueler at motorcityinteractive.com wrote:
> My effort to install Cyrus has been largely successful.
> I would expect to see a function to bounce email with a "5.1.1 User unknown" 
> error.  But I haven't seen this function described or even acknowledged
> within Cyrus.
> As far as I understand, I need a hook for my MTA (Sendmail) to query.  Does 
> one of the /usr/cyrus/bin utilities provide this function?  It seems easy 
> enough to roll my own.  How do other Cyrus administrators handle this 
> requirement?
> Thanks,
> Jim Schueler
> Motor City Interactive
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