ssl "dyld: Library not loaded" with either cyrus-imap v2.3.7 *or* cvs-head

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Wed Sep 6 23:00:38 EDT 2006

hi wes,

thx for the reply!

-- On September 6, 2006 10:50:21 PM -0400  Wesley Craig <wes at> 
> On 06 Sep 2006, at 21:55, OpenMacNews wrote:
>> i've been fighting this for awhile; i've posted b4, with no 'bites'.
> I've seen other reports on the list, including solutions.  One common
> one was to use the instructions here:

yes, i've seen this ... and note simply:


which i've done.

without it, the make fails to even fink & link the ssl libs into the 
generated executables.

> As I recall, another was to build your own openssl.

which i also have done ... that's my own instance in /usr/local/ssl

> Frankly, this is
> a pretty common problem on Mac OS X.  There's a lot of open source
> software that ships with the Mac that can't be used to build other
> open source software.


which is why i typically build my own from src ... as i'm attempting to 
do tiwh cyrus, as well.

that said, every other app i've built that links/uses 'my' ssl libs is 

just cyrus-imap that's having 'issues' atm :-/




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