implicit vs explict SSL connection to cyrus imap

Cameron Murdoch cam at
Sun May 28 19:04:26 EDT 2006

Jim Miller wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My appoligies for this being off topic.  My boss go a new pocketPC phone 
> and the package FlexMail
> I'm trying to get him connected to our cyrus imap server over SSL and 
> one of it's settings is implict vs explict SSL session.  I've not run 
> across a program which requires selecting an implicit vs explicit SSL 
> connection so I was hoping an SSL guru my know how OpenSSL, an SSL 
> session, is established w/cyrus.  (I'm cross posting this to the 
> open-ssl list list as well).

As a complete guess, perhaps the option selects between imaps (ie port 
993) and TLS over normal imap?


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