how to recover imap mail/ dir from old server, import into new server

Steve Howe stephen at
Thu May 25 07:17:38 EDT 2006

Hi there,

First time posting here so apologies if this question has (most likely) 
been asked before. have looked in the archives of this list but can't 
find it.

My Cyrus Imapd mail server has crashed (hardware error). I have access 
to the hard drives but it has taken me some time to buy a new server and 
install a new cyrus imapd.

Basically, I've got my previous server's /var/spool/cyrus/mail/ 
directory with all it's subfolders (s/user/stephen etc) and I'd like to 
import the mail files in there (1. 2. 3. etc) into my new
imapd's mailstore. I've read and experimented that it's not a case of 
just dump the mails in the appropriate folder, since a mail has to go 
through the proper channels,
be registered in cyrus.index etc so that my mail client knows which 
headers are available, which files they relate to etc.

Is there a tool available for this purpose please?

thanks for any and all help


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