Can't locate object method "reinit" via package "Pod::Man"

Mirosław Jaworski mjaw at
Thu May 25 03:34:27 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 19:57 -0800, Noah wrote: 
> freeBSD-4.11
> I am finding that cyrus-imapd23 fails to build from FreeBSD /usr/ports . 
> Clues please?

Obviously your /usr/local/bin/perl doesn't know the reinit method. 
Looks like screwed perl 5.8.8 install. 

Do you prepare new machine. Consider going with newer FreeBSD
if you can. cyrus-imapd23 port in 5.4 works ( compiles at least).

And yes, the error has nothing to do with cyrus, so you shouldn't post 
it here in theory.


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