Cyrus Patches used at FastMail.FM

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue May 23 02:37:45 EDT 2006

> I've finally split out all the patches that we use here into
> individual items.
> I know some people were interested in the "don't allow users to
> set the anyone ACL" patch as well.
> Ken - I'd love to work with you on getting as many as possible of these
> into upstream, at least the ones that are labelled as worth doing - some
> are so cheap-hack as to require a complete rewrite to make them
> worthwhile.

Cool, some of the patches look really interesting and I'm considering to
include one or the other into my rpm packages. For example the statuscache
patch seems very nice. Just to be sure, are there any license restrictions
on the patches?
I'd love to see some of the patches integrated upstream, it makes my own
work easier :)


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